Friday, 4 November 2011

First post!

Well, even though this blog is about the adventure of a clumsy boy (that's me), I wish to kick start my blog with the first post writing about the clumsiness of my girlfriend :p

Here goes. Lately I've started working with a new company which allows me to work from my home and my girlfriend will come to my house everyday to accompany me (well, more like I accompany her).

She's living with her grandma and her grandma do not cook her dinner. This means she'll needs to go out and have dinner herself or just 'ta pau' back to her house. It's been 3 days since she wanted to 'ta pau' her dinner but still she kept on forgetting to 'ta pau' everyday (and kept on accusing me for not reminding her).

Well, maybe this is not considered as clumsy. More like forgetful but this blog is about clumsiness. So I guess I'll just call this as clumsiness then.

She's the one forcing me to write this post about my so called clumsiness for failing to remind her and now here I am, writing this post to tell you all the truth about her own clumsiness (a.k.a forgetfulness).

If you see new posts after this post then it means I live through her punishment for telling the truth and if after a few days and you did not see any new posts in this blog, well, it means the adventure of a Clumsy Boy has ended and you can remove this blog from your bookmark or rss or whatever.

Wish me luck...


  1. What about the you-shattered-a-bowl-today post? :p

  2. hahas telling the truth and admiting your fault is a food thing after all :)

  3. Haha this is the truth already *crossing finger*

  4. fuihh! Charmaine is a clumsy girlfriend and April is a 'dexterous' boyfriend...xP Anyway, they both are so in love with each other...hahahaha! xDDDDD KEEP IT UP! XP