Monday, 14 November 2011

Yes! I'm alive

Yes! I'm alive.

If you read my first post then I'm sure you know what this post mean. For those who doesn't know what I mean then please read my first post here.

So, I just came back from Penang last week after attending a so-called training session with my new company. The reason it was a so-called training session was because there wasn't really any training at all. It was more like a briefing of the new technology that we'll be using and the reason why we want to use this technology. After that, I was left doing hands-on using the new technology (more like self-learn).

The worst part is that I was told that I am supposed to teach this new guy that is about to join the company soon. So, how do you teach someone on something that you've just learned it like a few days ago? Obviously they are expecting too much from me. Maybe it's because I look like a genius???

By the way, forgot to mention that on the first day at Penang, my boss took me to this famous nasi kandar restaurant called the Line Clear. The nasi kandar there was fine so I guess the reason for it being famous is because it was DARN EXPENSIVE!!! My nasi kandar actually cost me RM 30.50!!!

An egg, some beef, a fried chicken and this huge prawn
Wallet bleed T.T

My boss took almost similar food without the prawn and it only cost him less than RM 10 so I'm guessing that this huge prawn costs around RM 20!!

Well, at least I learnt that you don't get anything that s not it's normal size or else it's going to cost you some heartache. So any of you guys going to Penang for nasi kandar, leave the huge prawn alone by all means!!!


  1. Why u don't ask again? I will ask how much each and everything cost. coz RM30 is TOO MUCH! seriously.

  2. Haha to late cos I was speechless. Haha

  3. yeap . this is over! OVER PRICED. -.- How can a nasi kandar cost u rm30? siao! are u a penangite?

  4. I'm not that's why din know bout the overpriced prawn haha

  5. rm30 at penang??? wow that can afford you a superb meal of buffet already!


  6. haha yes correct. Who would've thought that nasi kandar can cost so much