Monday, 28 November 2011

My First Bloggers' Gathering @ Coffee Chemistry Signature

Last Saturday I attended my first Bloggers' Gathering at Coffee Chemistry Signature @ First Subang Mall. I guess I'm the only newbie there because as you can see, my blog has only 2 posts excluding this post :P. However, I really enjoyed it as I get to meet a lot of senior blogger (even though some of them are younger than me).
The Coffee Bar

I didn't take a lot of pictures though. Guess I'm really a newbie hehe. So here's some of the picture that I took.

Special Menu for the gathering prepared by the owner just for us
Flavoured Coffee - Roasted Almond Cappuccino
Flavoured Coffee - Caramel Latte
'Pretending Pro' Photographer
The pictures of the foods below were taken using some effect so if you think that they look nice, it was because of the effect (and plus my skill :P).

Here's our meal...looks yummy right?
Baked Chicken Chop with Homemade Mushroom Sauce

Deep Fried XL Chicken Chop with In-House Mushroom Sauce

After the meal, we were taken to the kitchen for a tour. Below are pictures of some of the people and tools that were making the meal behind the scene. Introducing...

The Oven
The Salad and other dressings
The Grill
The Ingredients
The Chef (Assistant?)

Since this is a Blogger Gathering, cameras was seen everywhere with everyone busy taking pictures of the foods and also their friends. During group photo session, the photographer has to take pictures with different cameras from all the other bloggers there as everyone wants to have their own group photo in their cameras. You can see how many cameras are there in the picture below. Mind you, this was only some of the cameras that was present at that day.

Photo Taking Session - With lots of cameras
Everyone was smiling for the cameras until our face became stiff but we kept smiling anyway (cos we are professionals ma haha). Too bad I didn't take any group photo with my camera and thus I'll steal some from someone's blog (shhh...don't tell the owner).

Group Photo (Stolen from In Piscean's Heart)
This is the cardboard from the group photo above with the most creative blog url. means lo...creative right...RIGHT...
So that's it. My first experience of a Blogger Gathering. Hope there's more to come and by the time I go to the second gathering, I would've become a senior blogger and no longer a newbie...muahahaha


  1. Can't attend that time. So sad =(
    Hope to see you next time :)

  2. It's ok. The chance will come. Hope to meet you next time too.

  3. Nice event with good food. Nice meeting you too bro

  4. Food looks nice. Aiyaaa, should not have miss it. But Subang, too far. ='[

  5. The food was good and the best part is to get to know a lot of new poeple. Nice meeting you too Isaac :)

  6. Looks have a lots fun there ... :)

  7. awesomeee! i never attend any blogger gathering before :(