Sunday, 21 October 2012

My first Halloween Event - Part 1

Halloween is just around the corner and seriously, I've never celebrated Holloween before...that is of course if you consider sitting at home watching horror movie as celebrating Halloween :p. However, this year will be my most memorable Halloween ever considering that I actually went out to really experience the horror instead of just another stay-home-watch-horror-movie.

Alright, I should cut the crap now and just tell you what I mean by really experiencing the horror this year. Yesterday I went to this Halloween Horror Spirits event at Genting Theme Park with my girlfriend and some other bloggers and it really scared the sh** out of me. And I hope you heard of this event before or else those spirits will come to introduce themselves to you...muahahaha.

Anyway, as you can see in the picture above, it says that this is the most horrifying event ever. Plus, we already heard some comments about how scary this is before we even reached Genting. So by the time we reached Genting, I already regret going to this event as my heart was thumping so hard as if it will tore open my chest and jump out to greet those spirits inside...well a bit exaggerated but you get the point. But some of us already started to shiver when we reached the entrance to the most horrifying place in Genting. But since we are bloggers, we still take some group photos and some other photos here and there near the entrance as we always do :p.

Now, standing at the entrance, I already started to picture all the scary things that is going to happens to me once I cross over to the other side. As I try to gather all my courage and started dragging my feet towards the entrance, I heard a man's voice as if it was talking to me. I turned to the direction of the voice, preparing to face my worst nightmare and then I heard what the man is really saying. He said "Please get your ticket from the counter at the side"...Then we all go get our ticket at the counter lo...haha.

After we all get out tickets, then I have to start gathering my courage again and this time I know there will be no turning back. So we all went in and we were instantly greeted by the familiar and yet so different Outdoor Theme Park of Genting. Everything inside looks so scary now. Even the Merry-Go-Round (Double Deck Carousel) makes me shivers. You can see the whole theme park is covered with fogs and those usually cool fogs has become unusually sinister and horrifying.

And then we realized we had reached the first zone of this horrifying Halloween Horror Spirits. The first zone is called...Horror Circus *Scary music playing in the background...*. Stay tuned for more on how we managed to escaped the terror from all the zones and survived The Most Horrifying Event Ever at Genting Theme Park...which should be up in one or 2 days so stay tuned ya :)


  1. Sure hopes got walking dead zombies there!

    1. Haha why don't you go there and see it for yourself