Tuesday, 23 October 2012

My first Halloween Event - Part 2

Previously on My first Halloween Event- Part 1...

Went to Halloween Horror Spirits event at Genting Theme Park with my girlfriend and some other bloggers.

The Outdoor Theme Park of Genting looks so familiar yet so different.
Reached the first zone of the horrifying Halloween Horror Spirits...Horror Circus...

Zone 1 of 4: Horror Circus
So here we are in the first zone of our nightmare - the Horror Circus. As the name implies, the environment looks like a horror circus where you'll see eerie looking lights with eerie looking clowns walking around this zone. The fog that is covering the whole area makes it even scarier...the perfect environment for the clowns to hid themselves using the heavy fog, jump out all of a sudden next to you and tore you apart!
A clown jump out from here and try to tore me apart but I managed to convinced her that I'm too handsome to die now
She finally convinced and let me go but seeing my scary but handsome face, couldn't help but laughed at me T.T
After surviving first encounter with the clown, we continued to move on but it seems that the first encounter is just the tip of the iceberg. After just barely survived the first encounter, we realized 2 of the bloggers are captured by a devilish looking girl with a whip and they are being forced to stand in front of the board as the Devil's knife throwing practice material. In that instance, we know that if we do not get out from there fast, they will end up like the Ted on the board...whole body pierced with knifes.
Captured and being forced to stand in front of the dart board as the practice material
So again, I came to the rescue and shown the Devil what I would do to him if he dare to touch my friends. He instantly pissed his pants and let my friends go.
"If you dare touch my friend, you will end up worse then this Ted here...AARGH!!!"
See my victory pose with the Devil...MUAHAHA
After lecturing the Devil on how he should just continue using Ted as his practice material, we move on and by this time I feel a bit exhausted having to battle the Devil to save my friends. This is when we saw a car parked right in front of us. I thought to myself that this must be my lucky day while we walked towards the car. To our surprise, we saw an Ahmad (translation: Ahmad means driver) that was dressed in soldier outfit sitting in the car. The soldier looking Ahmad started to look into our direction with his emotionless face as if he is asking us to F**K OFF. Seeing his face, I decided to try to snatch the car from him and so I approached the car, get into the passenger seats and try to scare the sh** out of him so that he'll leave the car. Unfortunately, he just looked at me with his still emotionless face as if saying "Get the hell out of my car u moron. I've been waiting for my girlfriend for 200 years now and she still hasn't done with her make up yet. So get off before I bite your butt off!"
"Get the hell out of my car u moron. I've been waiting for my girlfriend for 200 years now and she still hasn't done with her make up yet. So get off before I bite your butt off!"
Seeing him so arrogant makes me really angry and then the Devil in me kicks in before I knew it. I lost control of my anger and something terrible happened!!! I chewed his hands and feet off!!! Well...served him right. Now he wont be able to drive the car anymore. MUAHAHAHA...
Soldier looking Ahmad's hands and feet. Now you'll know who's boss. MUAHAHAHA
We continue to walk through the horror circus and before we knew it, we reached the entrance of the next zone...The Bridge of Helplessness! We were really relieved that all of us survived the Horror Circus but we didn't know that our relieved was short lived as we entered the gate to The Bridge of Helplessness...
Victory pose for reaching the second zone safely...but we didn't realized what lies ahead is going to make us wished we never entered this zone
Stay tuned for Part 3 as in this next zone, both me and my girlfriend feel so helpless and we were nearly DOOMED...

* Photos courtesy of tallpiscesgirl.com


  1. Hahaha really hilarious lor!
    You should write more!

  2. Hahahaha, this is cool April. At first I don't even realise it's your blog. =S

  3. Haha thanks. You and ur bf also starring in it. Hope you wont charge me for copyright. hehe