Friday, 26 October 2012

My first Halloween Event - Part 3

Previously on My first Halloween Event - Part 2...

Escaped the Zombie Clown.
Tamed the Devil from using human as knife practice material.
Soldier Ahmad who waited for his girlfriend in his car for 200 years.
And reached the Bridge of Helplessness...

What lies ahead of us...Zone 2 - Bridge Of Helplessness, Zone 3 - Hospital Hallway Spirits and Zone 4 - Horror Movie Night.

We successfully survived the Horror Circus but instantly found ourselves helpless as we reached the Bridge of Helplessness. Right in front of us stood a paper doll couple, guarding the only entrance to the Bridge of Helplessness. They were looking straight at us with their emotionless eyes and we weren't even sure if we can make it into the Bridge of Helplessness alive.

We then tried to outsmart them by pretending to be emotionless doll ourselves by showing no emotion at all on our faces. Both me and Charmaine then started advancing to the entrance slowly while making sure we didn't move even one muscle on our faces.

As we reached the entrance and stood right next to them, the paper doll girl suddenly chuckled in a weird and definitely heart stopping voice and my heart instantly skipped a few beats. But I knew even a single twitch of my muscle will spell my doom thus I forced myself to stay emotionless. Finally they ignored us thinking we were one of them and let us in. We of course took a picture of victory but still making sure we stay emotionless.
Striking a victory pose while staying emotionless
As soon as we entered the Bridge of Helplessness, we were again attacked by a vicious vampire. There is not a second for our heart rate to even slow down. However, thanks to all the late-night-vampire-movie session, I know that we need to hold our breath so that the vampire will not be able to sense us.
Both of us holding our breath to avoid being detected
We then slowly walked away from that vicious looking vampire while still holding our breath. But luck seems to have abandoned us as we saw yet another not-so-vicious-looking vampire just right after we managed to escaped. However, since this vampire is not so vicious looking, we decided to pose and take a picture with him...while still holding our breath of course.
As you can see in my facial expression, I'm almost out of breath already
While the guys were busy posing and taking picture with the vampire, the girls found a lady ghost who seems to be harmless and like take picture with the human. Since the lady ghost were covered with scars and blood on her face, it was the perfect opportunity for the girls to take a picture since everyone will look pretty standing beside the lady ghost hehe. girls look pretty la hehe
We then saw an old lady sitting on a bench. There was a table in front of her with a tea pot and tea cups. We realize that she was the famous Meng Po that was supposed to give you a soup that will make you forget everything. Since we knew her trick already, we then make her have a taste of her own medicine...err I mean soup.
Come on...have a taste of your own soup
And for those who don't know about what happened when you drank the soup, you will not be able to leave this place and end up like those fools below who drank the soup given by the Meng Po.
R.I.P fools!!! WAHAHA
Ok. Forgot about those fools and back to our journey. After we passed through the Bridge of Helplessness, we arrived to the most horrifying place of the whole event...the Hospital Hallway Spirits! We heard from previous survivals that this hallway was once rated as the most haunted area and was then given a rating of 5 horror stars. Even for those who survived, if their heart wasn't strong enough, they might end up becoming something like the picture below.
Those survivals whose hearts weren't strong enough
But of course we knew there is no turning back now as we have only 2 choices left...go back and face the vampires again...or keep moving and if we are lucky enough, survived this and live to tell about it. So, we knew going straight is our only choice (cos we pay liao ma..sure must finish it right?) and thus decided to enter the hallway.

There was already a lot of people (survivals of the previous 2 zones just like us) queuing to enter the hallway. They all queuing eagerly as if waiting to enter an amusement park. It feels really weird seeing these people as if they didn't know that they are about to meet their doom soon. Charmaine, being a softhearted girl as she always is, decided to take a picture with one of the girl there as a memento.
People at the back still laughing as if they don't know what will happens next
Since there are so many people queuing up, it is going to take us forever to pass this zone so I decided to fake my friendship with the Devil so that we can go in first. In case you don't know what I mean by faking my friendship with the Devil, please read my My First Halloween Event - Part 1. And so I shown the photo with my bestie Devil to the guardian of the hallway and we were instantly put in front of the queue.
Me and my bestie
And now, standing in front of the hallway entrance, we can hear screams from inside the hallway as if  those people that has entered before us were all being slaughtered inside. We can see blood oozing out from the inside and started flowing down the entrance door. We were all speechless at that moment and I haven't even finish reciting my prayer in my heart when the doorway opened and revealed what's waiting for us inside...

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  1. Lol the first picture. what kind of expression is that AHAHAHHA

    1. Haha 2 fools trying to pretend to be paper doll haha

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