Saturday, 27 October 2012

My first Halloween Event - Part 4

Previously on My first Halloween Event - Part 3...

Paper Doll Couple, the guardian of the Bridge of Helplessness.
Vampires attack that had us holding our breath.
Reached the 5 Horror Stars zone - The Hospital Hallway Spirits.

Entrance of the Hospital Hallway Spirit
Standing right in front of the entrance, we heard screams coming from behind the doors. My heart is telling me to run away but my leg just wouldn't budge. Soon, the door opened and it was our turn to enter the hallway. We were then led into the hallway and saw what we already expected to see in the Hospital Hallway...Nurse and Patient.
Nurse, patient and the person who led us into the hallway
The rest of the whole hallway experience is just too scary and most of the time, I just close my eyes and follow whoever is in front of me. We heard screams from everywhere in the hallway. Suddenly, I heard a scream so loud as if it was just right beside me. It was so hysterical and high pitched but I do not dare to open my eyes and see who or what was screaming.

Throughout the whole hallway, I did opened my eyes once a while to see if I'm still following a human in front of me. When I opened my eyes, I saw some patient lying on the hospital bed, motionless as if they were a corpse. I saw a doctor dressed in the operation outfit with blood all over his body and the weirdest thing I saw in there was an alien also lying on a hospital bed. Seems like not even alien can escape this place let alone us, powerless human.

By this time, the screaming is unbearable and I heard some people started running. Probably running to the exit and thus I followed and run out of the hallway. Before long, we reached the exit of the hallway and quickly exited. We can still hear screams coming from behind us now but no one wanted to look back anymore...neither do I. It was really scary and I am still wondering how we survived that hallway. However, before I even figure out how we managed to survived, we saw the last zone lying ahead, inviting us for midnight scary movies marathon. We have reached the last zone known as the Horror Movie Night.
Peeking inside the zone but didn't realize Edward Cullen was there with me
In this zone, it was like a nightmare came true where all the characters from the scary movies that I watched before came to live. They were all roaming in this zone looking for their next prey. We saw Frankenstein, Van Helsing, Witch, Freddy and even Jason. If you watched the Freddy vs Jason movie like I did, you would've know that just Freddy and Jason alone is enough to give you the scare of your imagine a new movie...Freddy vs Jason vs Vampire vs Van Helsing vs Witch vs all other deadly characters!
Even though these were all deadly characters, they were surprisingly friendly and we managed to kiss our way out of this zone. Even Freddy was being nice after a kiss from me.
Some of the characters that I encountered
Finally, we survived all 4 deadly zones (Horror Circus, Bridge of Helplessness, Hospital Hallway Spirits and Horror Movie Night) and earned ourselves a Certificate of Survival. We managed to take a photo with our Certificate Of Survival before leaving this horrifying place.
Yes! We Survived!
After taking the photo, we quickly hurried away while promising ourselves that we will definitely...COME BACK AGAIN NEXT YEAR!!! WOOHOO!!!

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Here's the detail of the event:-
Event: Halloween Horror Spirits
Date: 19, 20, 26, 27 October 2012
Time: 8pm - 11pm
Venue: Genting Outdoor Theme Park
Price: RM 40 (Normal) / RM 25 (Genting Rewards Card Member,
Theme Park Annual Passport WorldCard Member, Theme Park Wristband Holder*,
Online Booking - iHoliday)


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