Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Teamo, relaxing place with fresh fruit drinks

Thinking about fruit juice makes me think of Tropicana Twister mainly because I heard of their advertisement whether in TV or radio almost everyday...really like EVERYDAY! So when Charmaine and I was invited for a tasting session at TeAmo Kepong, I'm expecting fresh fruits blended together using a blender that served with ice. However, they definitely surprised me with their range of fruit drinks. It wasn't the typical fruit juice drinks at all.
TeAmo at Kepong with a big Buy 1 Free 1 banner
When we reached the place, we were instantly greeted with a big Buy 1 Free 1 banner which is difficult to miss. When we reached the ordering counter, again greeted with a Buy 1 Free 1 banner right beside their Top 10 drinks chart. As I studied their Top 10 Drinks Chart, that's when I realized their range of fruit juice drinks are different than what I had expected. Let me list down the Top 10 Drinks here:-
  1. Passion Fruit With Konjac Jelly And Pearl *Saliva drooling already*
  2. Mango Milk
  3. Slim Fresh Tea
  4. Beauty Beauty
  5. Tangerine With Basil Seed
  6. Guava Yogurt
  7. Aroma Green Tea
  8. Orange With Pearl
  9. Signature Roasted Milk Tea
  10. Grapefruit With Basil Seed
So as you can see from their top 10 drinks, they have a pretty complete range of drinks where you can have fruit juices with jelly and pearl, fruit juices with milk, special tea and even milk tea.
Top 10 Drinks Chart
The interior is warm and cozy too which makes one feels really relaxing and comfortable. You can see from the pictures below that they are using couch instead of the usual plastic chair found in similar concept cafe. They also provides cushion on each of the couch thus making me feel like I'm sitting in my house. And of course my house is a lot smaller than the cafe :p.
Warm and cozy interior
Comfy couch with cushion
Other bloggers that attended the tasting session
Drinking there alone? Well they do provide different range of magazines for your reading pleasure
After sitting there chatting away with other bloggers, it's time for food tasting session! Well, being a food tasting event with quite a number of bloggers, it's photo taking session first before the tasting can start. On the tables, they have prepared the top 10 drinks for us to try. I totally love it cos I get to try their best drinks all at once! Yum Yum. My favorite is of cos the Number 1 drink on the chart...The Passion Fruit with Konjac Jelly and Pearl!
Top 10 Drinks for our tasting event
By the way, did I mentioned that they actually served Wafu? This is not a typo. It is spelled W.A.F.U which is Waffle made with 100% Milk. They have 5 different flavors such as Wafu Green Tea, Choco, Coffi, Milky and Peanut Butter. The wafu is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. I especially like the.Milky cos it really brings out the taste of milk since wafu is already made with 100% milk 
There are 4 flavors. Busy eating thus forgot to take the picture of the Peanut Butter :p 
I especially like the Milky flavor thus one more closeup for you :) 
Promotional brochure where you can get 1 free when you buy any of the drinks or their tasty wafu
The full menu with different series of drinks and toppings
Oh yeah, apart from the current promotion, they do have a Redemption Programme where you collect a stamp for every drink you purchased.You will get one free drinks with every 10 drinks purchased.
My Redemption Card :)
You can learn more about TeAmo from their Facebook Page and you should definitely try out their drinks and the W.A.F.U. When I told my mum and sister about TeAmo and showed them the pictures that I took, they went to try it out the next day...hehe and of course they only need to buy one as they get another one for FREE!!!

Here's the address of TeAmo

49, Jalan Rimbunan Raya 1,
Laman Rimbunan,
52100 Kepong, Kuala Lumpur

and another in

Hartamas Damansara
Hartamas Shopping Center,
Ground floor G-10B

They are also opening in these area soon

USJ one city
Lot A-1A-K08 & A-1A-K09,
1A floor, One city @ USJ 25

Dpulze, Lot 47594,
Mukim Dengkil,
63000 Sepang, Selangor

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