Sunday 6 January 2013

Eat, Play & Drive with Nissan Almera

I've been wanting to buy a car and there are a few cars that catches my eyes lately. One of it is the Nissan Almera due to the technologies that they packed in this affordable car. And to my surprise, I got to test drive this car from K.L to Malacca for a Food Hunt event thanks to Hui Ping :)

The Food Hunt event was called 'Eat, Play and Drive with Nissan' where we get to drive in the all new Nissan Almera in a group of 3 to 4 person per car. There was a total of 5 Nissan Almera for us and 5 other Nissan cars (Teana, Sylphy, Latio and X-Trails) to lead the way and make sure we are all being taken care of.

Reached too early so camwhore first :p
Reached too early so camwhore first :p

Me and my girlfriend reached there too early and thus decided to sit in the car for a while. We of cos camwhore while waiting. When the time was almost up, we were spotted by the organizer that was expecting us. So, we got out of the car and greeted them. We then register ourselves and claim our goodies and a Nissan Almera t-shirt that we will be wearing for the event.

After we got changed, we were being served with breakfast. It was great as I was really hungry too hehe. However, after the breakfast, we still haven't start the journey and I already can't wait to test the car out. So, I ended up trying the display car instead :p

Can't wait for it to start so test the display car firs
Can't wait for it to start so test the display car first

Outside, you can see all the cars lining up waiting for us. After a short briefing, we were being told which car we'll be in and who will be in the same car with us. We were in Car 3 which was a Nissan Almera Impul (Great!). And in the same car as me and my girlfriend was Sam. Nice meeting you Sam!

Our cars lining up and waiting for us
Our cars lining up and waiting for us

This is the car that I'm in with Sam and Charmaine
This is the car that I'm in with Sam and Charmaine

Sam got to drive it first and we set off after being flagged off by the Senior General Manager of Wilayah & Southern Region, Mr.Alex Tan. I was really excited as there are a total of 10 Nissan cars all in one lane, cruising along the highway. You can see everyone's curious faces as we passed by their cars (err more like as they passed by our cars as we were driving quite slow due to too many cars).

Excited Charmaine *hehe*
Excited Charmaine *hehe*

Our first stop was at the R&R Seremban for toilet break and petrol. We took some pictures with the car but the spotlight wasn't on the car there as one of the girls climbed into the trunk of one of the Nissan Almera to show us how spacious the trunk really is. It was surprisingly spacious and everyone started taking pictures of the scene.

Surprisingly more. Pretty girl in the trunk!
Surprisingly more. Pretty girl in the trunk!

Everyone taking picture of the pretty girl in the trunk
Everyone taking picture of the pretty girl in the trunk

After the small break at R&R Seremban, it's my turn to drive!!! I drove all the way from Seremban to our first food stop which was Aunty Koh Cendol. And I just wanted to say that Aunty Koh's cendol IS THE BEST I'VE EVER HAD! Even better than the one I had in Penang :)

Aunty Koh Cendol is the BEST!!!
Aunty Koh Cendol is the BEST!!!

The place was already filled with people when we reached there but it was even more packed when we entered. Aunty Koh was then busy preparing our Cendol and Tai Bak. ven some of her regular customer started helping her out in preparing for us.

Aunty Koh preparing our Cendol
Aunty Koh preparing our Cendol

This is the famous cendol and I can tell you that it tasted absolutely amazing. It was very creamy and refreshing. The best cendol I've tasted so far.

Aunty Koh's Cendol
Aunty Koh's Cendol

The Tai Bak on the other hand wasn't really my 'bowl of cendol' as it was a bit less sweet compared to the cendol. But to those who prefer something less sweet, the Tai Bak is definitely a must try.

Aunty Koh's Tai Bak
Aunty Koh's Tai Bak

Aunty Koh’s Cendol
No. 5113, Jalan Batang Tiga,
Kampung Bukit Rambai.
75250, Melaka
GPS coordinate: 2.246583, 102.191867

After the starter (Cendol), it's time for our main course. We then had our lunch at Peranakan Restaurant located at Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock. There I had my first Buah Keluak. It was a black colored thingy and the taste is too weird to be enjoyed :p. The Sambal Bendih was really special too and is one of their special dish. A really must try I would say cos I love it.

Kangkung Belacan
Kangkung Belacan

Ayam Buah Keluak
Ayam Buah Keluak

Ikan Tenggiri Asam Pedas
Ikan Tenggiri Asam Pedas

Udang Lemak Nanas
Udang Lemak Nanas

Sambal Bendih
Sambal Bendih

Fo Yong Tan
Fo Yong Tan

Taufo Peranakan
Taufo Peranakan

Peranakan Restaurant
107, Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock,
75200, Melaka.
GPS coordinate2.196017, 102.245350

After our main, we went for our dessert at Nadeje Cake House. It was famous for its Mille Crepes. They have a variety of flavours there and we chosen the Original, Chocolate, Green Tea and Strawberry flavours. All of them are nice but I am already too full for dessert thanks to the nice lunch at the Peranakan Restaurant so I only had a few bites from each of the flavours.

Famous Mille Crepes
Famous Mille Crepes

Nadeje Cake House
G-23 & 25, Jalan PM4,
Plaza Mahkota,
75000, Melaka.
GPS coordinate2.189539, 102.246419

After that, we went for a drink. The famous Coconut Shake. At first I thought it was just a small stall by the road side but I'm truly surprised when we've reached as it was a very big area with lots and I mean lots of people inside. By this time, I was already too full and can't stuff in anything anymore. However, by the time I saw the Nasi Lemak that they are selling, I couldn't stop myself from getting one. It looks too tasty and irresistible. And I'm grateful that I got one. It was delicious.

Klebang Coconut Shake
Klebang Coconut Shake

Irresistible Nasi Lemak
Irresistible Nasi Lemak

Klebang Original Coconut Shake
Jalan Klebang,
75250, Melaka.
GPS coordinate2.216400, 102.204867

After all the great food, we went for a 'Beach Stop' at Klebang Beach. It was really a great view there and windy too by the time we reached. We even lined up all our Nissan Almera on the beach for some photo taking session.

Nice view at Klebang Beach
Nice view at Klebang Beach

Nissan Almera Beach Stop
Nissan Almera Beach Stop

Finally, after the stopping by at the beach, it's time for food again! Dinner time at Ria Seaview Village. It was already dark when we were heading to the restaurant. When we turned on the headlights, we were greeted by a nice looking dashboard.

Nice Dashboard

When we reached the restaurant, everyone rushed into the restaurant. However, it wasn't because we were hungry. It was because everyone needs to rush to the washroom haha. When the dishes came out, I was too busy eating and thus forgot to take picture of some of the dishes :p.

So here's the list of the dishes instead.
1. Baby Kailan
2. Marmite Chicken
3. Butter Prawns
4. Deep Fried Sotong
5. Nyonya Style Ikan Talapia
6. Sizzling Tau Foo

Deep Fried Sotong
Deep Fried Sotong
Nyonya style Ikan Talapia
Nyonya style Ikan Talapia

Ria Seaview Village
90 – 92, Jalan Toman 5,
Kemayan Square,
70200 Seremban,
Negeri Sembilan.
GPS coordinate2.719929, 101.924200

After the dinner, it's time to head home. Some of us went back separately so we arrived at different time. Overall, it was a nice event and I think the Nissan Almera is a pretty good car and definitely staying in my consideration list. Love the keyless entry, the electronic start stop button for the engine and its spaciousness.

Here's the pricing details for those who interested:-

Price (RM)
1.5 A/T
1.5 M/T
1.5 A/T
1.5 A/T

Finally, thanks Nissan for the invites and I really enjoyed myself that whole day :

Tuesday 30 October 2012

Teamo, relaxing place with fresh fruit drinks

Thinking about fruit juice makes me think of Tropicana Twister mainly because I heard of their advertisement whether in TV or radio almost everyday...really like EVERYDAY! So when Charmaine and I was invited for a tasting session at TeAmo Kepong, I'm expecting fresh fruits blended together using a blender that served with ice. However, they definitely surprised me with their range of fruit drinks. It wasn't the typical fruit juice drinks at all.
TeAmo at Kepong with a big Buy 1 Free 1 banner
When we reached the place, we were instantly greeted with a big Buy 1 Free 1 banner which is difficult to miss. When we reached the ordering counter, again greeted with a Buy 1 Free 1 banner right beside their Top 10 drinks chart. As I studied their Top 10 Drinks Chart, that's when I realized their range of fruit juice drinks are different than what I had expected. Let me list down the Top 10 Drinks here:-
  1. Passion Fruit With Konjac Jelly And Pearl *Saliva drooling already*
  2. Mango Milk
  3. Slim Fresh Tea
  4. Beauty Beauty
  5. Tangerine With Basil Seed
  6. Guava Yogurt
  7. Aroma Green Tea
  8. Orange With Pearl
  9. Signature Roasted Milk Tea
  10. Grapefruit With Basil Seed
So as you can see from their top 10 drinks, they have a pretty complete range of drinks where you can have fruit juices with jelly and pearl, fruit juices with milk, special tea and even milk tea.
Top 10 Drinks Chart
The interior is warm and cozy too which makes one feels really relaxing and comfortable. You can see from the pictures below that they are using couch instead of the usual plastic chair found in similar concept cafe. They also provides cushion on each of the couch thus making me feel like I'm sitting in my house. And of course my house is a lot smaller than the cafe :p.
Warm and cozy interior
Comfy couch with cushion
Other bloggers that attended the tasting session
Drinking there alone? Well they do provide different range of magazines for your reading pleasure
After sitting there chatting away with other bloggers, it's time for food tasting session! Well, being a food tasting event with quite a number of bloggers, it's photo taking session first before the tasting can start. On the tables, they have prepared the top 10 drinks for us to try. I totally love it cos I get to try their best drinks all at once! Yum Yum. My favorite is of cos the Number 1 drink on the chart...The Passion Fruit with Konjac Jelly and Pearl!
Top 10 Drinks for our tasting event
By the way, did I mentioned that they actually served Wafu? This is not a typo. It is spelled W.A.F.U which is Waffle made with 100% Milk. They have 5 different flavors such as Wafu Green Tea, Choco, Coffi, Milky and Peanut Butter. The wafu is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. I especially like the.Milky cos it really brings out the taste of milk since wafu is already made with 100% milk 
There are 4 flavors. Busy eating thus forgot to take the picture of the Peanut Butter :p 
I especially like the Milky flavor thus one more closeup for you :) 
Promotional brochure where you can get 1 free when you buy any of the drinks or their tasty wafu
The full menu with different series of drinks and toppings
Oh yeah, apart from the current promotion, they do have a Redemption Programme where you collect a stamp for every drink you purchased.You will get one free drinks with every 10 drinks purchased.
My Redemption Card :)
You can learn more about TeAmo from their Facebook Page and you should definitely try out their drinks and the W.A.F.U. When I told my mum and sister about TeAmo and showed them the pictures that I took, they went to try it out the next day...hehe and of course they only need to buy one as they get another one for FREE!!!

Here's the address of TeAmo

49, Jalan Rimbunan Raya 1,
Laman Rimbunan,
52100 Kepong, Kuala Lumpur

and another in

Hartamas Damansara
Hartamas Shopping Center,
Ground floor G-10B

They are also opening in these area soon

USJ one city
Lot A-1A-K08 & A-1A-K09,
1A floor, One city @ USJ 25

Dpulze, Lot 47594,
Mukim Dengkil,
63000 Sepang, Selangor

Saturday 27 October 2012

My first Halloween Event - Part 4

Previously on My first Halloween Event - Part 3...

Paper Doll Couple, the guardian of the Bridge of Helplessness.
Vampires attack that had us holding our breath.
Reached the 5 Horror Stars zone - The Hospital Hallway Spirits.

Entrance of the Hospital Hallway Spirit
Standing right in front of the entrance, we heard screams coming from behind the doors. My heart is telling me to run away but my leg just wouldn't budge. Soon, the door opened and it was our turn to enter the hallway. We were then led into the hallway and saw what we already expected to see in the Hospital Hallway...Nurse and Patient.
Nurse, patient and the person who led us into the hallway
The rest of the whole hallway experience is just too scary and most of the time, I just close my eyes and follow whoever is in front of me. We heard screams from everywhere in the hallway. Suddenly, I heard a scream so loud as if it was just right beside me. It was so hysterical and high pitched but I do not dare to open my eyes and see who or what was screaming.

Throughout the whole hallway, I did opened my eyes once a while to see if I'm still following a human in front of me. When I opened my eyes, I saw some patient lying on the hospital bed, motionless as if they were a corpse. I saw a doctor dressed in the operation outfit with blood all over his body and the weirdest thing I saw in there was an alien also lying on a hospital bed. Seems like not even alien can escape this place let alone us, powerless human.

By this time, the screaming is unbearable and I heard some people started running. Probably running to the exit and thus I followed and run out of the hallway. Before long, we reached the exit of the hallway and quickly exited. We can still hear screams coming from behind us now but no one wanted to look back anymore...neither do I. It was really scary and I am still wondering how we survived that hallway. However, before I even figure out how we managed to survived, we saw the last zone lying ahead, inviting us for midnight scary movies marathon. We have reached the last zone known as the Horror Movie Night.
Peeking inside the zone but didn't realize Edward Cullen was there with me
In this zone, it was like a nightmare came true where all the characters from the scary movies that I watched before came to live. They were all roaming in this zone looking for their next prey. We saw Frankenstein, Van Helsing, Witch, Freddy and even Jason. If you watched the Freddy vs Jason movie like I did, you would've know that just Freddy and Jason alone is enough to give you the scare of your imagine a new movie...Freddy vs Jason vs Vampire vs Van Helsing vs Witch vs all other deadly characters!
Even though these were all deadly characters, they were surprisingly friendly and we managed to kiss our way out of this zone. Even Freddy was being nice after a kiss from me.
Some of the characters that I encountered
Finally, we survived all 4 deadly zones (Horror Circus, Bridge of Helplessness, Hospital Hallway Spirits and Horror Movie Night) and earned ourselves a Certificate of Survival. We managed to take a photo with our Certificate Of Survival before leaving this horrifying place.
Yes! We Survived!
After taking the photo, we quickly hurried away while promising ourselves that we will definitely...COME BACK AGAIN NEXT YEAR!!! WOOHOO!!!

* Photos courtesy of

Here's the detail of the event:-
Event: Halloween Horror Spirits
Date: 19, 20, 26, 27 October 2012
Time: 8pm - 11pm
Venue: Genting Outdoor Theme Park
Price: RM 40 (Normal) / RM 25 (Genting Rewards Card Member,
Theme Park Annual Passport WorldCard Member, Theme Park Wristband Holder*,
Online Booking - iHoliday)

Friday 26 October 2012

My first Halloween Event - Part 3

Previously on My first Halloween Event - Part 2...

Escaped the Zombie Clown.
Tamed the Devil from using human as knife practice material.
Soldier Ahmad who waited for his girlfriend in his car for 200 years.
And reached the Bridge of Helplessness...

What lies ahead of us...Zone 2 - Bridge Of Helplessness, Zone 3 - Hospital Hallway Spirits and Zone 4 - Horror Movie Night.

We successfully survived the Horror Circus but instantly found ourselves helpless as we reached the Bridge of Helplessness. Right in front of us stood a paper doll couple, guarding the only entrance to the Bridge of Helplessness. They were looking straight at us with their emotionless eyes and we weren't even sure if we can make it into the Bridge of Helplessness alive.

We then tried to outsmart them by pretending to be emotionless doll ourselves by showing no emotion at all on our faces. Both me and Charmaine then started advancing to the entrance slowly while making sure we didn't move even one muscle on our faces.

As we reached the entrance and stood right next to them, the paper doll girl suddenly chuckled in a weird and definitely heart stopping voice and my heart instantly skipped a few beats. But I knew even a single twitch of my muscle will spell my doom thus I forced myself to stay emotionless. Finally they ignored us thinking we were one of them and let us in. We of course took a picture of victory but still making sure we stay emotionless.
Striking a victory pose while staying emotionless
As soon as we entered the Bridge of Helplessness, we were again attacked by a vicious vampire. There is not a second for our heart rate to even slow down. However, thanks to all the late-night-vampire-movie session, I know that we need to hold our breath so that the vampire will not be able to sense us.
Both of us holding our breath to avoid being detected
We then slowly walked away from that vicious looking vampire while still holding our breath. But luck seems to have abandoned us as we saw yet another not-so-vicious-looking vampire just right after we managed to escaped. However, since this vampire is not so vicious looking, we decided to pose and take a picture with him...while still holding our breath of course.
As you can see in my facial expression, I'm almost out of breath already
While the guys were busy posing and taking picture with the vampire, the girls found a lady ghost who seems to be harmless and like take picture with the human. Since the lady ghost were covered with scars and blood on her face, it was the perfect opportunity for the girls to take a picture since everyone will look pretty standing beside the lady ghost hehe. girls look pretty la hehe
We then saw an old lady sitting on a bench. There was a table in front of her with a tea pot and tea cups. We realize that she was the famous Meng Po that was supposed to give you a soup that will make you forget everything. Since we knew her trick already, we then make her have a taste of her own medicine...err I mean soup.
Come on...have a taste of your own soup
And for those who don't know about what happened when you drank the soup, you will not be able to leave this place and end up like those fools below who drank the soup given by the Meng Po.
R.I.P fools!!! WAHAHA
Ok. Forgot about those fools and back to our journey. After we passed through the Bridge of Helplessness, we arrived to the most horrifying place of the whole event...the Hospital Hallway Spirits! We heard from previous survivals that this hallway was once rated as the most haunted area and was then given a rating of 5 horror stars. Even for those who survived, if their heart wasn't strong enough, they might end up becoming something like the picture below.
Those survivals whose hearts weren't strong enough
But of course we knew there is no turning back now as we have only 2 choices left...go back and face the vampires again...or keep moving and if we are lucky enough, survived this and live to tell about it. So, we knew going straight is our only choice (cos we pay liao ma..sure must finish it right?) and thus decided to enter the hallway.

There was already a lot of people (survivals of the previous 2 zones just like us) queuing to enter the hallway. They all queuing eagerly as if waiting to enter an amusement park. It feels really weird seeing these people as if they didn't know that they are about to meet their doom soon. Charmaine, being a softhearted girl as she always is, decided to take a picture with one of the girl there as a memento.
People at the back still laughing as if they don't know what will happens next
Since there are so many people queuing up, it is going to take us forever to pass this zone so I decided to fake my friendship with the Devil so that we can go in first. In case you don't know what I mean by faking my friendship with the Devil, please read my My First Halloween Event - Part 1. And so I shown the photo with my bestie Devil to the guardian of the hallway and we were instantly put in front of the queue.
Me and my bestie
And now, standing in front of the hallway entrance, we can hear screams from inside the hallway as if  those people that has entered before us were all being slaughtered inside. We can see blood oozing out from the inside and started flowing down the entrance door. We were all speechless at that moment and I haven't even finish reciting my prayer in my heart when the doorway opened and revealed what's waiting for us inside...

* Photos courtesy of